Welcome to Halal Kebab Japan!

Halal kebab started from a small food truck at Tokushima Japan in February2014 and expanded to 5 food trucks and 3 restaurants. We partnered 30 shopping centers and University stores to sell our products. We proudly earned a selling permit at a hotel visited by Japanese Royal Family. We also got the first place at Tokushima Food Competition voted by more than 50,000 visitors.

Our company was interviewed on six different TV programs and introduced on 20 difference magazines and radio shows.

Our Halal Kebab brand menus are well balanced in nutrition and flavors. All portions and combinations are simplify and mechanized, all set up are ready to pass all food safety test conduct by the health and food safety agency, and allow to operate in food courts of shopping malls and other event locations. We were also able to establish a contract with the local government and obtain the permits to supply Halal authorized kobe beef and Halal chicken.